By Laws of HSC

Section 1.    Application for Membership

1.01  All applications for membership and renewal of membership shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary, HSC, on the form prescribed by the Board.

  • Membership and registration forms, as prescribed by the Board, shall be submitted to the Registrar, HSC.

Section 2.    Membership Voting Rights

2.01  Each adult member in good standing shall have voting rights to elect the Board of Directors.

2.02  The Board of Directors shall have and retain voting rights at all special and general meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, and excepting on any motion to amend the Constitution, which shall require a general membership vote. The Board shall vote and make all decisions regarding the operation of the club as defined in Section 4.

Section 3.    Fees

3.01  The HSC is required by League Affiliations to collect a fee from each and all players with HSC. This fee, in an amount defined by League Affiliations, is non-discretionary on the part of HSC and is subsequently paid in total by HSC to League Affiliations. This fee is due and payable upon registration.

3.02  The Board of HSC shall have discretionary power to set fees for the succeeding Seasonal Year. The fees, with the exception of tournament fees or performance bonds, which shall be levied for the succeeding Seasonal Year shall be notified to all members at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the membership. The primary fee will be determined by each Adult team manager. HSC may impose club fees on each affiliated team to cover general club expenses. HSC may, by Board vote, subsidize individual teams to support special initiatives, as budgets permit.

3.03  The Board may assess a player registration fee on each player registered by a member with HSC for a Seasonal Year. The Board may, at its discretion, levy a different fee rate for those players depending on the team's League Afilliations. All such registration fees are due and payable on registration of the player. The Board may, at its discretion, assess other fees on membership provided such fees are prior notified to members as provided in Section 3.02. The Board may waive player fees for certain hardship conditions.

Section 4.    The Board of Directors, Authority and Responsibilities

4.01  The Board of Directors shall be responsible for, and have the final authority except as otherwise provided, for:

A.  Enforcing and interpreting the Constitution, By-laws, and Rules and Regulations of this Association.

B.  Defining and establishing all Rules and Regulations for this Association

C.  Establishing an approved budget for the succeeding Seasonal Year, and stipulating all fees levied on the membership for the succeeding Seasonal Year.

D.  Recommending of potential Board members for election at the Annual General Meeting.

E.  Establishing temporary rules and regulations for specific case not provided for elsewhere, but which are deemed necessary by the Board to carry out the objectives of the Association.

F.  Review the Constitution, By-laws, and Rules and Regulations of this Association to ensure consistency with the provisions of the affiliated organizations, to remedy inequities or inconsistencies, and to recommend to any special or general meeting of the membership desirable changes to the Constitution and By-laws.

G.  HSC owns all intellectual property, logos, copyright and trademark rights. No member can use the HSC owned material without express permission from the HSC BOD. The BOD will determine if appropriate use of the owned material, including but not limited to, proper logos, colors, team names, fonts, texts, approved printed materials, and approved apparel of uniforms, and spiritwear. This right includes all material on the HSC Web Site.

The official club name is “Heidelberg Soccer Club”

The official colors are “Green and gold”. The green is either Hunter or Kelly. The gold is a deep bright Yellow.

The official team mascot is “The Golden Tornados”

The official club logo is “The left facing Lion inside a crest.”

The official font for the club name is “Fetta Fraktur” an old German font, except for the first letter of each word, which is “Linotext” an old English font that creates the appropriate and historically accurate letter “H”. In the absence of this font availability, Arial first, then Times New Roman can be used.

4.02  The Board of Directors shall be responsible for supporting and advancing the mission and interests of the HSC to the best of their abilities to basing decisions on what is in the best interest of the entire HSC. The Board of Directors agrees to abide by and support all decisions made by the Board and represent to the club and external constituents such decisions.

Section 5.    Elected Officers, Duties and Responsibilities

5.01  President
The President shall act as the primary representative and spokesperson of HSC for all HSC events and outside functions and organizations where HSC is required to be represented. The President shall to the best of their ability support and advance the mission of HSC.

The President shall conduct as Chairman all meetings of the Board of Directors and all general and special meetings of the membership.

The President shall have one vote at all meetings in which he is Chairman to be cast only in the event of a tie in the voting.

5.02  Vice-President
The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

5.03  Secretary
The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all meetings of the Board, general and special meetings of the membership, and for distribution of all minutes to members of the Board and membership as required.

The Secretary shall handle all correspondence, give notice of all meetings, and maintain all files of the Association.

5.04  Treasurer
The Treasurer shall keep detailed accounts shall keep detailed accounts of all financial transactions of the Association and such accounts shall be produced by the Treasurer on demand by the Board. The Treasure shall collect all debts and fees owed to HSC, shall give a receipt for all such collections, and shall deposit all such collections in a recognized bank account in the name of HSC. The Treasurer shall pay by check all bills or other obligations of the HSC, without specific Board approval, as long as such payments are within the Board approved budget limits for said payment. The Treasurer is required to report on the financial status of the HSC at all meetings of the Board and at all special and general meetings.

5.05  Registrar
The Registrar shall keep a complete record of all members, teams and players for the purpose of player registration, team affiliation, voting and fee assessment, and shall provide such records or summaries thereof to the Treasurer and the Board as may be necessary for the performance of their duties.

Section 6.    Meetings of the Board of Directors

6.01  The Board may meet quarterly in each Seasonal Year or at other times upon the request of the President or if requested by one third of the Board.

6.02  Two-thirds of the membership of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of all business. Excepting for the President acting as Chairman of the meeting, each member of the Board shall be entitled to one (1) vote on any matter of business before the Board. The President acting as Chairman may cast one vote in the event of a tie vote.

6.03  All Board members are expected to participate; the Board may remove a Board member, by a majority vote, for non-participation.

Section 7.    Disciplinary Actions and Appeals

7.01  The Board shall have the right and authority to suspend, expel, or otherwise discipline any individuals (player, coach, manager, assistant, official, association member).

7.02  The right and authority of the Board to take such actions shall apply where any individual or member of HSC has violated the Constitution, By-laws, or Rules and Regulations of HSC. Such action may be based either upon a written complaint or upon the Board’s own action.

7.03  At any meeting or at the Board meeting, the accused party shall be given a full opportunity to submit matters in rebuttal, mitigation or extenuation to allegations.

Section 8.    Amendments

8.01  The By-laws may be amended, in whole or in part, by a two-thirds vote of the membership present and in good standing, on the basis of one vote for each member at any duly called meeting of HSC provided a quorum is present.

8.02  Proposals for amendment of the By-laws must be made in writing and be submitted to the Secretary. All proposed amendments must be approved by a majority vote by the Board prior to being submitted to the general membership. All members must be notified of proposed amendments to the By-laws at least 30 days prior to any meeting in which an amendment is being proposed.


V 1.0 - 4/4/2006 - Original version approved at board meeting.

V 2.0 - 5/1/2007 - Amendments approved at board meeting.