Team Photos

Year 2000 to the Present - View all the recent Team Photos here

Into the 21st century with several photos of the modern teams. Photos also include several "firsts" - The refounded Men's Senior team in the GPSL Open Division and the first youth teams in more than 20 years. Some samples are below.

1951 - 1999 - View all the team from this era here

The second half of the 21st century includes the 1955 National Amateur championship teams. It also includes the beginnings of the youth program and includes several championship team photos. Finally, the century ends with the founding of the older adult teams. Some samples are below.

1900 to 1950 - View the historic team photos here

Here you will find the roots of the club and the oldest team photos we have in the collection. Included are the first 2 National Amateur Championship teams from 1927 and 1929. Some samples are below.