Many people have contributed to the collection for these archives. Where possible and known, we list the reference source. Here is a collection of credits for the entire site

1.Heidelberg 75th Anniversary publication, 1978
2. American Soccer History Archives - National titles, local and regional title records
3. Bob Gerrero - Uniform collections
4. Craig Drinkhall - Uniform collections, photos, trophies, yearbook scans
5. Jim LaSota - Yearbook scans, trophy photos
6. Luke and Val Lacek - Photos, books, maps, Heidelberg history collection, uniform collection
7. Sheryl (Drinkhall) Zeppenfeld - Yearbook scans
8. Dale Sams - Scrapbook newspaper clippings, photos
9. Bob DeBar - Team Photos, Heidelberg history collection, trophy
10. Sandy Utchel Tinney and Flo Utchel - Photos of over two dozen trophies saved and collected by Sandy's Father, Larry and kept at Utchel's Restaurant.
11. Dave McKelvey - Scrapbook newspaper clippings, photos
12. Edward Moore - Scrapbook, newspaper clippings, photos, yearbook scans
13. Joe Utchel - Photos
14. Art Losego - Scrapbook, newspaper clippings, photos
15. Stayton Green - Photos
16. Dale Garver - Trophies
17. Kristy Schmidt - Team and action photography
18. Lee Coughenour - Team uniform photos
19. Mike Zimbicki - Uniform, 8 Trophies, Newspaper clips, Photos